Custom Visualized Backgrounds options for Built-in Virtual Studio or Mixed Reality Studio.
Custom Concept, Theme, Branding & Animations Visualizing. 
Interactive Digital Floor (add-on feature).
01 to 08 Member Live Video Broadcast from our Virtual Studio.
Type of Events – Conferences, Annual General Meetings, Workshops, Launches, Press Events, Concerts and ect.
Host Online Events with up to 100 to 5000 Interactive Video Participants.
Parallel Session Rooms with Interactive Video Participants
Live Streaming to Unlimited Audiences on Facebook Live or YouTube.
Interactive Visual Key notes & Live Video Conferencing.
Per Session Duration – 03 hours to 06 hours.
Conferencing System – Zoom, MS Teams, GoTo Webinar.
Registration Portal for Attendees.
Online Ticketing System – (add-on feature).
Tech Team Support.
Speakers, Panellists & Moderator Session Tech Support.
Key Notes & Video Test Run.